160WiFi 4.1

160WiFi 4.1

Free WiFi Hotspot Creator

OSToto Hotspot is a free Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator software. This is a super-easy-to-use portable Wi-Fi mobile device, notebook or desktop-based device that can easily be shared with your device (such as Wi-Fi, LAN, DSL, cable, Bluetooth, Broadband Card, Mobile phone, etc.) Laptops, such as computers, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, dllHal is also compatible with Windows 10, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7,Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Switch to laptop / notebook or desktop PC (with wireless adapter works) OSToto saves a lot of money with the ability to WiFi router, with a free hotspot. Use the data phone to cut off any free Wi-Fi network. You do not have to worry about using excessive payments membay data.

WiFi sites, OSToto as a focus manufacturer, also allows you to enjoy a portable device for your laptop at home, at work, at school,Bus station, train station, bar, cafeteria, airport etc. Anywhere, a computer is a OSTotot Hotspot that is a possible pleasure to be a portable wireless router network.

With a Wi-Fi hotspot with a quad-clip, no-one can connect wirelessly without your permission.
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You can also test your network speed to make the control light. You can also use deadly small battresna computer to turn off Time OSToto Hotspot after a certain time.

Get OSTotoHotspot on the computer, and free and stable Wi-Fi hot connection you need to share Internet with others.


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