1stBrowser 45.0

1stBrowser 45.0

Built around chrome, same open source code that Google Chrome 1stBrowser offers a trusted interface from which you can browse. This alone can not be enough to attract you from your current browser, but offers some additional dodatkówpoprawić their online interactions.

Do it your way

Because Chrome is the base, 1stBrowser – is a reliable and customizable gateway to the Internet. In the settings menu you can edit the home page to edit the screen which screen will beDisplayed when you start as usual. And, most likely, you want to make some immediate changes, such as 1stBrowser used as a default search tool.

The common origin pozwalasynchronizację Chrome settings between platforms. You can also quickly import your bookmarks and settings from other browser favorites, such as Firefox.

You can also access the store for many Chrome extensions, although some of these blocks were sent to Dlyachronićstability. But here’s where 1stBrowser begins to attack with a good selection of tools built into the system.

While it may not be the most important of the suggested features, the most popular supplement is 1stBrowsersWłączenie visual adaptability.

It is located in the top right corner of the screen, next to the settings – Button personalization. It offers many facelifts for 1stBrowser, change the color, background and icons on the desktop.

No, noSo much, but he promised to expand the options, and is an easy way to personalize the look of the browser. However, if you do not spend much time on the blank pages, the only change I regularly add is the headline.

Prostykontrol media

1stBrowser’s other additives provide more practical functionality. Chief among them is the SMID downloader. This tool is located in the top right corner of the screen, but it is always active. This means that in every przypadkuuytown visitThe site and put on video or image, there is a button so you can download.

Downloads are a few options to keep your video or audio-only and allows you to quickly apply filters to your photos. Żeuprościć 1stBrowser organization retains all media cards for more information. Its good integrirovannyyInstrument and challenging is visible part of the package.

Browse the results in the address bar drop-down menu regularly odwiedzanychwitryn.The first is decorated with icons ofPopular sites, but soon filled with your favorite sites.
This is a handy little add-on that controls the pretty half step between bookmark, favorites, and history search.

Along with viewing standardembezpieczne Chromes, which warns suspicious sites 1stBrowser promises that come from viruses and “AdBlocker”. In fact, these features are not yet active, but are scheduled for future updates.

Filled with a promise

Generacja1.generation of chrome makes itTrusted and easy to navigate, and of course, Chrome users can easily sync all your settings. However, the reasons for the transition are currently limited due to the fact that many of the features are offered tylkoobietnic.

A part of the view media downloader, which, thanks to the ease of movement and the ability to organize downloaded media provocatively, emphasizes the unique 1Browser.


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