Abang Long Fadil 2

Abang Long Fadil 2

Abang Long Fadil 2Fadil somehow got into the mafia world thanks to a project done by master criminal Taji Samprit and his son Doyok Vac. Certain cases make Fadil confuse Hitler as Inspector Wahab tiger and Inspector Shuaib. Meanwhile, a reporter from TVKL under the name Yana, who follows Tiger’s crime, somehow brings himself into the mess that makes the list of Fadils problems. Now, when he is treated badly. As a tiger, peopleRecruited him to take care of their enemy, and Fadil’s first goal was Taji Samprits Strength Crazy Companions, King Kong. Well, the only way Fadil can clear his name is when he reveals the true identity of the tiger.

Malay language

Classification: P13

Total appearance time: August 24, 2017.

Genre: Action / Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes

Distributor: Astro Shaw

Players: Zizan Razak, Syamzul Yusof, Tanya Hadson, Wak Doyok, Acei Bosi, Shuib Sepahtu

Director: Syafik Yusof

Type: 2D

User Rating 33 1
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