Auto Hide IP v5

Auto Hide IP v5

Instead of entry:

Hide Hide IP Auto + Patch

Hide IP Auto – hide your IP address, navigate anonymously, protect your identity, protect against hackers. Be careful Have you ever had your IP address? Your IP exactly points to your situation, with a very high accuracy, to the door of your apartment. Every time you visit a website, your IP address is fully exposed. Auto Hide IP can help you hide your real IP and your online identity beschermen.U do not worry about itYour privacy andsecurity more. Navigate with just one click from now anonymous.


Anonymous Surfing web

Assigning In this way, criminals IP masking online can be fake IP addresses that will cause hackers.

Protect your identity

Hide the real IP when browsing the Internet to prevent hackers and identity thieves before they watch your web activity or personal information, zoalsom to steal your financial information.

Select Country IP

YouYou decide to use the IP ceiling of different countries to select the IP country and you can check directly the current IP.

Anonymous emails

Hide your actual IP address in the email headers. In Yahoo !, Hotmail and Gmail emails, etc. Protected

Forbid from forums and forums

Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP, you can access any forums or restricted sites that have been banned.


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