Evernote Sticky Notes 1

Evernote Sticky Notes 1

Evernote is one of the most popular music applications, which combines broad employability notes with advanced productivity tools. However, for many users the full feature set is overkill and Evernote Sticky is the same barn on a much simpler thing without meeting too resourceful or hungry.

What makes Evernote Sticky Notes

ToAplikacja allows you to make important notes on your desktop so that you are always visible. Each note can have different custom color, easyWay to distinguish topics with a different degree of importance or urgency category. All notes are automatically saved to the user Evernote account or via Dropbox or Google Drive, which means that they are not only safe, but also from any device easily dostępnesą. Add shortcuts to edit or remove separate notes from the wind.

Who’s on the cards?

Evernote’s most important application Evernote is one of the most widely usedNotes applications are the wealth of features that are overclassified for many users for simple tasks. Evernote Sticky is much simpler organization podejścieza important notes and although he misses every possibility of a basic function is perfect, the goals are achieved without unnecessary use of resources.

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