Google Chrome Dev Release 57

Google Chrome Dev Release 57

This version of the developer Google Chrome is message development that allows people with programming skills to test and customize features in the popular browser on Google. Compared with the last stable version of this edition contains subtle variations, which make it worthy of chit fans Hardcore. As you expect from Google Chrome, you can get a web browser with elegant minimalist design.

Exclusively for development and testing

Also compared to SafariAnd asablivaFirefox browser has many malkobutoni. All settings and options for selecting the available extensions from the icon in the upper right corner. Please note that this version of Google Chrome is a pure developer release, so bear in mind that you are mistakes and developers are very keen to hear the feedback on these topics.

Polygon developer

The latest versionGoogle Chrome developers gives a taste of what is from odnogoizTo come is the fastest growing browser out there. Google Photos Desktop Uploader 1


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