Google Photos Desktop Uploader 1

Google Photos Desktop Uploader 1

Google Image Photo Gallery Google. It allows you to back up all your photos in the cloud, apply effects, and automatically organize your gallery – like magic.

Search in science

Replace your previously installed Google Photos app image on Google+. The original has many interesting features, but the update is a big leap in quality.

This is a picture gallery that all photos and videos have been taken iyongTelepono, including photos in the savedCloud by Google.

Gives Google ads from other Apps Gallery with its intelligence. It can automatically catalog your images and categorize them according to when you took them where you have it, and what appears to them. Uses search engine technology the latest image recognition so that you can use the search as a “table”, “food” or “dog” to get accurate results.

From a creative point ngTingnan, you can also use Google Photos to add your photos tooThe operating mode is not the strongest feature, however, because there are very little filter or change options.

Google Photos can also create animated POISON based on your photos, collages and stories.

Smart but cumbersome

Google Photos is undoubtedly a great way to catalog your photos. Alje also your media will help you not organized to find what you are looking for in seconds.

The app integrates Google Photos with photos from your device, Google Drive and Picasa album.Easy to get a little to feel it at the beginning, while being attacked by a flood of images from any place. It is also not clear where the photo was taken. It is important to know when you start stealing accidentally larger images of the cloud and can quickly perform data not to Wi-Fi connection.

When leaving the initial confusion, the interface GoogleAng images look beautiful and easy to use, the philosophy of “design materials”.


Google Photos are another step in Google to get connected to the cloud more. Many services and SMS will no longer store data on the device and Google would now do the same to transfer your photos.

Google Photos creates a bridge between the phone and the cloud. And automatically nitoMga skills, it feels a little ahead of its time thanks to the great catalogs.

However, the problem with a future technology may be too little for non-techniciansUsers, while quietly running their phone records. This can leave a lot of risk aversion when accepting Google Images, where it became clearer images.

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