My Summer Car UPDATE 19

My Summer Car UPDATE 19


Title: My car summer

Genre: Pop, Racing, early access

Creator: Games Amistech

Publisher: games Amistech

Release Date Oktober 24, 2016

About the game

MY SUMMER CAR last vehicle has

building, debugging, configuration, maintenance and survival of life permadeath

Simulator.Počnetepartido with hundreds of parts and assembly loose

As cars and engines. Not only should you take your car, or

She, too. Sausages, beer and sleep will be sufficient. if

useide well, isoperating a car that can koristitiza

Several summer 1990 Finnish agricultural activities. essentially decisions

loucurabaixo the influence of alcohol. When you have collected additional

Money various random jobs, you can begin customizing and updating

car with pieces commissioned by regular mail. IOU maiokrenuti car

boom under unpleasant or car in a rally car for participation

rally or correct only in perfect factory condition. with

Of course, the carmust pass inspection, you can get

Problems with the police. Not only have access to a car, or

vehicles and other vehicles that you can use. (It is used mainly

to produce, and to re-Haul car from a ditch projects).

Warning, this game is not lost awareness of heart. heavy machine fever

potrebanda play by their access autistic car

building. complete set of motor vehicles of more than a hundred pieces of more control and simulation of other vehiclescars, cars for use boats ipraehats kilometaravredi dozens of earth and paved roads with random AI Traffic paying jobs to cover food, beverages and the cost of fuel for the rally event to participate in the Finnish sauna in the summer children bathing90 Standing in! Support steering lever and more!


mínimoRequisitos: OS: version of Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows, 10Processor 3 GHz dual-core processorMemori 4GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GT 650 Ti or IntelekuivalentDirectKs: Version: 1 GB of free cards spaceSound: DirectKssumiashchalnaia soundcard

Recoméndaseson: Operating System: Windows 7 version, Windows 8, Windows 10Processor 64-bit Intel or AMD Pentiumi5 ekuivalentMemori 4GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GT 960 or AMD ekuivalentDirectKs: Version: 1 GB free spaceSound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

User Rating 21 3
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