No Mans Sky v2

No Mans Sky v2

General Games Fixed technology will be solved immediately when fully loaded

The fixed ship is loaded in a wrong way after the load has been placed in the space station

? Add interactive objects that require specific technology

The addition of technology to some of my shoes I need

Resource availability and technology loading requirements

Determining the initial flow of the game – travel very fast in space after the monolith is visited, theOccurrence of the atlas announcement

• Prevent the construction of a producer before leaving the monolith before leaving the system

Laser and preventative headaches try to change the soil in space

Improvement in land use resources

? Sein signal scanners in Signal Boosters

• Point Booster objects to search for basic principles that can be updated, adjust to refreshing edges, and search for extracted sources

• Signal booster If spread over the ground,Build the player now

Improved environmental accuracy Repair and discover casesFrom rainfall in the caves

Troubleshooting is not resolving conflicts

? Atlaspas V1 removes the condition at the station doors

? Sweden’s upgrade clothes are no longer at the stations

? Suit upgrade tools can only be used once

When more wages are taken, the collision of an anomaly is solved

? Per system Add different NPC character models

? The players who start the seasonDid have a priority for Adabaki

? Could not resolve the potential crash file for the render instance

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