Office Home & Student 2016

Office Home & Student 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 Suite for Windows is still the bread and butter of the company’s products, the more we are moving away, and techniques specifically aimed at Windows. This release of Office for Windows before Android and iOS, Windows Phone before, and brought Mac, as with Office 2016.

All these small changes

Once the installation process is through the process of Microsoft Access, the latest, will namatoleo of Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word installed at all. It is importantrecognize that these programs are not available as a separate and package downloaded. If you liked the original version of the program is the right to run Office 2013 and 2016 side by side, working machine, it might be worth considering that you wont be able to stay.

pagkakaibaMakikitakwamba Lync is now Skype Business. Video Compressor 2017 Windows 7/8 download torrent

On the first glance, a word, look and feel is very similar to the version 2013, more contact with the Word of Blue Ribbon interface is colorful topping. icons are arranged in a waydifferent, but the options will remain the same.

Tell me a big box visible addition, most of the search for a list of supported. For example, type angIpasok and comment on the proposed elements, but instead of telling you how to insert comments, it will be for you in this game automatikoki.Ezaugarri in Excel and PowerPoint.

second biggest edit documents in real time, exactly what others are working on a document that can be seen on screen logic. This featureis available on the Office Online.

ibaSalita of new features, such as steel, where you can kushushamaombi from Microsoft Word, with simplified Save As in place, such as cloud and email to avoid OneDrive gehitunahasketak because of local elections.

Behind the scenes improvements

Excel list has a little faster, but the interface is essentially the same as the previous version. At momagagawang see any changes on the surface, which uses a lot of data to work with Excel, Microsoft is happystrengthen its business intelligence (BI) functionality is provided.

BI company with a variety of enhancements available separately duziren only original versions of Office. enhancements, such as the Power Inquiry, allowing IT to enable business users to input key data (known as self-service BI) is not, and Power View, which enables users to easily create data reports inakuenea. There are also a variety of graphics and new graphics, including maps trees, sunburst, jump, Box mustache, Histogramand Pareto.

In addition to the new relationship daOneDrive you attach files directly to your storage cloud offering.

There are many changes that Microsoft has made walangmakikita eyes, but also to protect the data getting into the wrong hands, it will help improve access, and IT managers kuangaliakupeleka development package.

never change

In general, changes in Office 2016 and Windows are small, no more important qualities Tell me, O long seen by the user. Excels in terms of BI capabilities, Microsoftkapangyarihangumagamit is making strides forward.


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