Outlast is a first person horror game that lends by clicking on the season of classic amnesia and a selection of new features that give it a certain individuality.

The outlast must apply the madness of violence and death in order to survive those who are in an abandoned asylum. Odpowiednimifabuła with very good control and many leading bale moments are created the worst games everlasting outlast promisesto. But is it?

Blood, intestines, and blood

Outlast scary- in pershyy.Hra works well in obtaining butachGłówny in character, Miles Upshur and make sure you have a hard time (which seems to display). The story is universal, but it is very effective on the screen, especially for the many realistic scenes of blood and gore. This game outlast is not for the faint of nerves: it is full of violence and it really gets under the skin.

TerazOutlast make a mistake, you should never do in any game of horror: routine.For the first time vsenovyy, terrible, unpleasant and frustrating and it’s really scary game, the way your hair will end up ending and your pulse racing power. But afterthem first blow, Outlast falls into a furrow. Its “scare” prettyfast resources exhausted, and so every challenge in the game was in order higher, which means that the defeat their inalmost the same way every time, even “Come here, activatea button or lever and repeat. “

It is very linearOutlast rare find free in siatcemogą movement, open doors and entrances should not. This linearity has two clear objectives: First, keep anxiety. If the game didn’thave control over what to do or where to go, you can not activate some unexpected events thatmake you yourchair jump.

Drugiefekt linearity is that if you take a closer look outlast you’llsee, it’s just a giant puzzle. Every part of the game a certain order, and if youIt does not do this chynomto probably will not survive. Identification “invisible” – bits that includes on all fours, looselub under the bed hidingin, deformedenemies system or to avoid life in intense occupations – is the key to progress in the game.

Outlast is trying not to (or not) psychologically terrorize you to this first hour. After thisinitial by trauma, outlast only entrails, blood andmututation, accompanied by some anxiety, the entire upperPrivate frightening volume.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because under other, white outlast, when these sequences turn and make you scream at your mother. But unlike other giertakich amnesia (many links to the genre), where you really covered fearthroughout history and play environment, Outlast only makes “BOO! Scare you! “Moments.

Realistic movement

One of the most important ofOutlastye kontrolęa they affectthe game. While the game is like other ego games,Our movement on the screen very realistic, as the body shake hands, supporting us thefloor or rounded corners, like the administration and look back, all the controls transmitrealism, human traffic, and fixed in butachBiedne miles.

The camera will be your only tool in the game. It is used to see in the dark through the IR mode, but the batteries when vyvykorystovuvaty it, and you need to find a replacement through the levels. Using a kamerwielePainful moments in Outlast, although it is unlikely that it will work with the battery, as the game balances the complexity you have to determine if necessary.

Great graphics and rich sound

Outlast uses Unreal Motor3. It is well utilized and generally very good. Even better, if at all mid-range PC can push it to its limits, but still enjoy vidminny product.

Combinedlight game and shadow, and the extraordinary effect of the thermal imaging camera(Camera filteris very realistic) .Krew on the walls, on the spot fines intestine scattered corpses – and assome of the most beautiful things you see on your travels – is also worth mentioning.

Overall, Outlast has excellent graphics, the annoying little problems in the shadow, the 3 of the Unreal Engine are typical, jakfizyczne objects that do not exist (curtains that look like a wall … aarrgh!)

As for the sound -The true star of the horror games -Outlast very strong. Dialogues with terribleUnearthly voices and screams, steps to break the things, all the focus on the frightening experience.


Outlast big game scare you a bit, and there are times that it will take some time toforget. All products are very unusual and although it is a very linear game, it is not subtracted from the higher levels projectowych.Kontrole and some scenes really stand.

Is horror game outlast the best ever? Ultimately dependsIt, who plays and how they are sensitive. But in any case, if you like the genre, you should give it ATRY.

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