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Categories Urban Vibes

This painting was also featured on the book cover of:

  •  “Al-Madinah” (The City) 
  • Author: Khalid Kamhawi
  • Genre: Poetry

Title: "Al-Madinah" (The City) Author: Khalid Kamhawi Genre: Poetry

The ‘Urban Vibes’ series is an ongoing series of paintings of abstract city skape landscapes. Marco finds inspiration for these paintings in sucking up the city atmospheres during his trips for his work. These are cities in the US, Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa. Every time, Marco tries to use a different color palet to express the unique atmosphere that each city possesses. These can be raw, cold vibes, but also warm, hot and exciting ones. Find your own special vibe with one of these exciting and decorative paintings that will light up your room or space.