Rosetta Stone V3

Rosetta Stone V3

Rosetta Stone V3

English (United States) (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) (ISO)

With sound companies (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) (64 kb MP3 Mono)

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Level 1 – Unit 1 (depending on language)

Level 1 – Unit 2 (Greetings and Introductions)

Level 1 – Unit 3 (work and school)

Level 1 – Unit 4 (purchase)

Step 2 – Unit 1 (Travel)

Level 2 – Unit 2 (past and future)

Level 2 – Unit 3 (with Social Life Friends)

Level 2 – Unit 4 (room and others)

Level3 – Unit1 (Home Health)

Level 3 – Unit 2 (Life and Earth)

Level 3 – Unit 3 (daily things)

Level 3 – Unit 4 (places and events)

Level4 – Unit 1 (Tourism and Recreation)

Level 4 – Unit 2 (work and practice)

Level 4 – Unit 3 (home and near town)

Level 4 – Unit 4 (style and personal development)

Level 5 – Unit 1 (Trade and Industry)

Level 5 – Unit 2 (Art and Academy)

Level 5 – Unit 3 (Emergency)

Level5 – unit 4 (family and community)

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Remember:This is the perfect English (US) package.

The application is required to use this product book. Various versions open to all for other tasks.

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What is Audio Companion?

Learn a new language on your computer and adjust your existing Companion CD devices. Play Audio Companion CD for a stereo or MP3 player. Take a look at Rosetne rocks and mobile phones everywhere.


Company operations Audio Companion actionFit into Rosetta Stone software. Practices that you’ve learned to listen to Audio Companion.

Expand the study

So it’s learning not to resist, just because you’re not in your computer. Use the Audio Companion to get lessons at any time and wherever you want.

Address and vice versa

You hoorten repeat questions and answers that later use to communicate in their new language.

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This is an alternative to age-old objavljivanjeSlediL1, L2, L3 @ (deleted)

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