SlimDrivers 2.2

SlimDrivers 2.2

SlimDrivers is a driver management tool that combines the features of everything you need to experience that the driver software in a product that is completely free.

SlimDrivers will scan your computer and find exactly how many drivers are missing – and updates from Windows. This, then you need to download the missing, but for that you would need to register. It is free and takes only one or two miniasi naked, but too much can be accustomed with the previously not exhaustedErabiltzaileekdirenek will be.

SlimDriversThere are also facilities to uninstall drivers.

SlimDrivers Scans scan feature is adding good points. Bateranegatiboa, a strange appearance of the old software and, as soon as you install your new driver, SlimDrivers force the computer to restart.

SlimDrivers free driver maintenance tool that creates a lot of competition for water.


Adding and removing functionality of the program is a small bug fixesOffer

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