Stranded Deep v0

Stranded Deep v0


Title: Stranded Deep

Type: Adventure, hip, Early Access

Manufacturer: Beam Team Sports

Publisher: Beam Team Pty Ltd

Release Date: 23 January 2015

About The Game

Replace a plane crash survivor in an area of ​​the Pacific Ocean stranded. Great experience meet all up and down the endless landscape. Meet to provide some of the many events that lead to life-threatening conditions using different each timethat you play. Scavenge. Discover. infinitely vielediekiutaratibuDunia – Discover Pacific islands, reefs and sea with bottomless deep biomes No two world filled trenches is the same – you can create a whole new world and create a special order at any time. You can mix created with the map editor of your own cards and cards created procedurally in the world for a more personalized experience. If you feel like participating, youYou can also share your bones and other world players. * Please note that angTime makes world size is limited to an end, but the biggest itakuwakuwa on weather and day-night cycle of the world – basking resistance to the stormy sea, or enjoy and navigate coconut on a sunny physically based crafting system – Resource harvesting material mix in the physical world – no space unique writing Physically-! based devices System – create Settle island homesea ​​or project and built your own survival atinteractive features – Manage your Vital hunger, thirst, blood and severity of natural health mama.Random against loot and collectibles – search for sunken shipwrecks and islands have interesting -giliw and rare materials. Hunting and fishing – spear small animals in the shallows or risk deep with a harpoon in search of great food. Hungry Iceland or maintain and manage sourcesTheir task we want and what we want to know! Dealing with errors -A problemaNailagay to ensuring depths Stranded your experience as error-free as possible, but the game is inBesuchen the initial stages of development, hivyokutakuwa error. We do our best to crush – optimizing performance is an important ongoing process that will continue until the access of original and varied terrain – Building biomes and exclusiveWildlife standards biome different ways – in conjunction with more fish and shark species atpuksain rationed wapiunaweza together as a team of misfits band and your supplies or any other way – most interesting island wildlife such as birds, snakes and final game Role – making it possible for a number of volunteer activities and progress through the world in an attempt to complete gameplay, improved user interface -All in the game UI is temporary and will be replaced by more appropriate Rift Support Controller Support Much More! – Check our website for more information,

System Requirements

Minimum: Operating system: Windows Vista or higherProcessor: Intel dual-core and above Memory: 2 GB RAMGraphics: Intel HD5000 and newer. At least 512 MB VRAM. Pixel Shader Unterstützung.Deferred Lighting support (from 2005 later Akkad shifted light INSPIRE) DirectX: Version:1 GB of storage

Recommended: OS: Windows 7 or higherMemory: 4GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GTX600 or ATI HD7000 series and 2GB VRAMDirectX: Version: 1 GB of storage

User Rating 37 0
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