Subnautica Preview Early Access

Subnautica Preview Early Access

Subnautica sand or open-world game that is very similar to classics like Minecraft or Forest. The plot is that the adventure takes place on the ocean of an alien planet.

You can download the game from steam, format early access, a kind of demo. Despite the nitoini considered a “demo”, so to speak, you canDownload for free.


Subnautica starts with a disaster: your spaceship avaryaidea planet covered with a huge ocean. You will have no choice but to use the emergency upangkung capsule on your boat as a base while exploring the waters looking for a possible evacuationPlan.

Subnautica combines Minecraft and forests. On the one hand, sit at the bottom of the ocean in search of material for the creation of bows, oxygencylinders, and even submarines. On the other hand, you have to look for food, and hand yourself face to face with the most aggressive fish in the ocean.

Object-creation systemSubnautica is more complicated than usual. It will take some time to get used to ito.Sa this moment, we missed something in the textbook.

The graphics are impressive, making it one of the advantages of Subnautica. You will feel like you are exploring a strange alien ocean full of fish. MediumFull and diverse, choose to dive deeper everybody involved despite the risks that this brings with it.

Explore the secrets of the ocean

Subnautica there is a way to make them enchanted. You want to build your first submarine. Do you want to explore the caves in search ngmineral. You wantTo know what the fish are hiding in the next room.
You will want to arm yourself with as much as possible to explore the rest of the wreck. You want to build bases scattered around. If you’re excited about the secrets of the sea, make no mistake: Subnautica is what you’ve been keen on.


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