For over 12 years I have been teaching and giving guest lectures at various international design academies, business schools and universities such as IE University Madrid, The Design Academy Eindhoven, Willem de Kooning Academy, Hallo Academy, Elisava Barcelona, INACAP Santiago de Chile, University of Oviedo, Tec. de Monterrey Mexico, University of Twente, University of Amsterdam, Hogeschool Amsterdam, Hogeschool Utrecht and Hogeschool Rotterdam (a university of Applied Sciences). Currently I am responsible for the design proces, methods and program at MediaLAB Amsterdam.

If you are interested in having me as a guest lecturer for your Master, please contact me! My classes are focused on UX, User Centered Design, Design Methods, and emotion-driven design, but also on design research and design culture.

What students say about my courses:

“I absolutely loved this class. I feel like after having so much design classes that were painfully repetitive, this one took it to a whole new level of experience and application of knowledge that I truly appreciate!”

“Marco is an outstanding professional and professor, a combination that sadly is uncommon.”

“Such a great professor! Really enjoyed his class. His attitude and sincere niceness really created a positive ambiance. The material was interesting, well presented and well prepared!”

“I LOVED this class. The teacher was magnificent. He was enthusiastic, knowledgable, motivated and attentive. It is unfortunately this class can”t be longer, for I learned and benefited a lot from having it. He might have even inspired me to pursue a doctorate in psychology of design. BRILLIANT course, this is the type of caliber all of the professors should have!”

“We need professors as involved and engaged as Marco. Bless him!”

“Very fun and engaging class!!”

“Great teacher. Nice, helpful and engaging”

What universities say:

“Marco, in the execution of workshop “Get emotional” at INACAP Technological University in Chile, and lectures that he has conducted, has developed  very high-level work, both theoretical and technical content, as in their implementation, further demonstrating empathy, willingness and ability to understand the different reality of each student. Marco has also shown a great ability to understand and upgrade the curricular structure of the industrial design career at INACAP, and propose ideas for improvements in the area of emotional design of products and services. In the field of strategies for long-term collaboration has been able to relate and to interest people in levels of international and academic relations at the University, generating tangible links. Future possibilities of collaboration with an real expert like Marco serve to project instances that allow linking the design career at INACAP with the design world, providing a high level of added value. Personally it has been an honor to work together with him and have the possibility of share his work directly.”
Ruben Jacob Dazarola – Coordinator of Design Department, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

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