TunnelBear 2.2

TunnelBear 2.2

TunnelBearis – Well-designed and easy-to-VPN client that allows you to access the sites and services that are blocked in certain countries.

What does TunnelBear make?

In its original form TunnelBearpozvoli the United States and in the United States, but now it is working world wide. If you are traveling and you want to use a service such as Pandora and Netflix, which are available only in certain countries, you must use a VPN service, for example, TunnelBear or HotspotShield.

Ogranicheniyachestotna tape

Like Cyberghost VPN, TunnelBear offers a free version, with the option to pay more traffic. Free version contains 500 megabytes, but TunnelBear promotion where you can tweet for the program to get more 1GBtrafik month for free. While it’s good if you plan to use TunnelBear streaming audio or video, it can quickly disappear.

Access to all areas

TunnelBear offers beautiful VPNSoedineniyainterfeys. If you are traveling outside the US, yetWant to enjoy all the sites and services you are used to, TunnelBear – ideal solution.

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