Tuxla is a simple application to install, regardless of the browser and allows you to change your IP address to another country immediately. Tuxla for those who want to protect their privacy, although it can be used to access sites zablokovanyhu their country.

Tuxla primeiroexecuta installer, which takes longer to complete. However, once installed, it adds a link to my computer, and appear in the Dock. List after running shows the current IP addressskompilovanyyProxy other countries can change at any time by pressing key ena “IP Switch” in the upper right corner.

So far so good, except that many powers Tuxla not work or are only available when you upgrade. And even if vdastsyaDlya linking is limited to data transfer of 10MB, which means to see something like the iPlayer BBCfóra UK or Hulu outside the US almost impossible Tuxla.

However, if you only use versiyuTuxler free to protect your identity,that’s enough. We tested the proxy and the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia and on the Google home page to reload when unhaforon changed so that did not work. Note that, as all proxy surfing can be painfully slow at times.

TuxlerVona works with any browser, despite the lack of enforcement and working 10MB limit for the free version as possible a little frustrating.

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