XCOM 2: Digital

XCOM 2: Digital

KSCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (update


KSCOM 2 is the successor KSCOM: Enemi Unknovn, 2012. The award-winning strategy game of the year.

The world has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered the surrender of foreign countries. KSCOM, left the planet, “the last line of abaronyi covered.Now, in KSCOM 2 rules aliens Earth, build a large city that promises a bright future for mankind on the surface, while the red zlokobanDnevni hide and uitskakelAlmal difference to them the new order.

Only those who live in areas of the world, vriheidsmarge. This is the power znovrazam to stand formankind. Always in motion and impossible odds, the remaining charge KSCOM must find a way to blow up the worldwide resistance and alien threat once and for all eliminated.

In the game

KSCOM on the Run: take command of Avenger, exotic accessories peravtvarennyauKSCOMje headquarters. The new open game, you can decide where leiJou strike team, as a great support of the people, and if they fight against the enemy’s actions.

Gain resistance fighters, five classes of soldiers, each creating their own skill tree, let your specificsoldiers to ihtaktychny plan.

Tactical Guerilla: NEV gameplay systems offer great flexibility in tactical combat. They use camouflage interfere viandpatrollies. Dismissed enemies valuable equipment and artifacts. Rescue VIP-persons and keep drugovesačuvati transport them in ekstraksiepunt.

NEWFORMYVIDIGHEID: Different throw the enemy powerful new alien species held then afdvingers stranger mode, precise tactical challenge.

Research, development and Update settings and build rooms to give Avenger KSCOM new opportunities in this area. Use navukovtsyi engineers investigateweapons and armor, to develop and modernize, in accordance with the prevailing tactic.

misijaJE each unique challenge: on missions around the world, from countries in the wild heart of the alien megasiteite control after the depth of the alien plant. There are virtually byazmezhnyyaKambinavany ticket, mission and goals.

creationCustom projects: community-oriented tools allow you to create your own company, tactical games, aliens, classes, strategy games, and a couple of the seminar.

Features will archive

Based on the ISO issue (28511764480vkusy)

sledećiispravke installedone after the other: (GB) (338 MB) (140 MB)

The following DLCs are: Strengthening Pack, Resistance Warrior Pack, anarchy race, Alien Hunters, the last gift Shen

version of the game (update

Long War 2 is available as an option to upload

100% without loss MD5 ideally: all original faylyidentychnyya after installation

nothingNOT NOTHING torn hergekodeer

Selective download function – you can download and install the voice packages that you do not need (standardniuključena military mother as a key feature of the game). The same applies to the long war-2 modifications

znachnaArhivuyutstsa smaller size (cumulativesaamgepersteVan after GB, depending on the selected components)

Installation takes 20-35 minutes (depending on your system)

Checking the integrity after installation, so you can be sure that everything is properly installed

Disk space for installation: up to 38 GB

Spellanseerder run from the iconon your desktop, check to relax LV_Overhaul mode on / off mode, NB 2, click Run – do not need any more.

The use of language; In binary VOV64 directory to choose the game language

FitGirl recycling


You can download bootnb2 and VoicePacks mode for languages ​​is not required. Here is a list of selective / elective files. You need at least one of them for free on your tongue.

(To be taken in English, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese users)

for example,If you have a game to start a Spanish voice calls and not long war 2 modes necessary to hit all election and optional files to or download all the major (01-06) files.


It repackIS NOT sumyashchalnyyaz my previous packaging KSCOM 2 no.

problems whileinstallation?

Read this repetition Manual


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