Marco van Hout (The Netherlands) is Lead Design & Research at MediaLAB Amsterdam and initiated the development of the Design Method Toolkit and SCREAM! (a proven approach, app and platform for multidisciplinary design teams to work agile, use design methodology and document the complete design process).

His current mission is to fight ‘Design Waste’, by introducing a common language of design methods to the design field so that the creative community and industry can build upon each other’s work and share intermediate-level knowledge to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. As part of this mission, Marco initiated the international programme ‘Design Across Cultures’ and the Global Goals Jam: 2 days of short term design impact on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Since 2004, Marco has been a known advocate of ’emotion-driven design’ and ‘user experience design’. He is an expert in understanding, measuring and designing emotional impact in the context of products, services and systems. He is a co-founder of SusaGroup, known for the development of easy-to-use emotion measurement tools. He has also been a regular guest lecturer at several universities and Since 2012, Marco is part of the faculty of the Master in Visual and Digital Media at IE University in Madrid.

Marco serves as a board member for the International Design & Emotion Society and sits in the advisory boards of several international agencies: (Spain), Emotional Factor Neurodesign (Spain) and Posmo (Chile). In his spare time, Marco is an avid abstract painter and enjoys spending time with his family.