You can book Marco to speak at your university, company or event. He has addressed and engaged numerous audiences all over the world. Main topics include: emotion driven design, experience driven innovation, user experience, the impact of new technologies and related topics.

What others say:

“I have known Mr.Van Hout for Several years and had opportunities to be together at numerous Design Conferences and listened his Speeches. He is a very Experienced professional Design expertise and able to point out Design specific Objectives in respecting of global social tendencies and to focus Specific Design Problems and able to suggest Solutions based on his Design Academic Experiences and knowledge with wide spectrums. I have arranged for Marco to be invited to a Design Conference a few years ago in korea, organized by SCCP,one of Samsung Electronics suppliers. Marco gave the audience a very impactful Impression. Therefore, I do recommend him without any hesitation!”
Young-Il Kim, former vice president of design for Hyundai/ Kia, Seoul, South Korea.

“I’ve been lucky to meet Marco during the celebration of the Emotion & Design seminar, organized by Bilbao Design Academy in collaboration with Creative Garden Bilbao Toyota. Marco gave a presentation where we saw sparkling, in-depth knowledge of Design for Emotion. He also facilitated the workshop Get Emotional! where in an inspiring and creative way, we could dive deeper in the contents and construct meaningful experiences. Marco is a great communicator, close and positive, and a passionate conversationalist. If you want to improve your knowledge and skills on Design for Emotions, contact Marco.”
Carlos Alonso, co-founder Bilbao Design Academy, Bilbao, Spain.

“In my role of organizer and initiator of the Hoo-Ha Sensorimix seminars I contacted Marco van Hout to be one of the invited speakers in Barcelona, Spain. The seminars have a focus on sensorial research and design for an audience of larger corporations such as Mars, Nestle, Energizer, Kimberly Clarke, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Decathlon, Unilever, etc. I asked Marco to link his expertise in emotion psychology and design to our field, to appeal to our audience. He did a fantastic job by explaining several theoretical frameworks with vivid and clear examples, and his friendly approach to the audience made it a pleasurable experience. An interactive part in which the audience could experience a live emotion measurement of a novel product, helped to make ‘emotion’ tangible. Overall, a very inspirational story and great presentation! Marco is able to inspire, explain and delight the audience!
I was very happy with Marco’s appearance in Barcelona and decided to also invite him to speak at our seminars in New York and Mexico City in the same year. He made a lasting impression there as well, and if I am not mistaking, he is still in touch with many members of the audience that attended those sessions.
I highly recommend Marco van Hout as a speaker and expert in consumer psychology, emotion and design.”
Thierry Lageat – Director of Eurosyn, Paris, France.

“As organization, which promotes design in many ways, we had the benefit to contact Mr. Marco van Hout two years ago for the passiontour design circuit in Santiago, Chile, named “DES_CUBRE”. In that opportunity we could recognize across his own words the work that Mr. van Hout develops in Europe and many others regions as a common language that we can understand besides the cultural frame in which we are. His lecture and workshop, developed in our country, contributed a lot to our academic and professional community most of all. Also the interchange was wealth producing in many aspects and until now we are waiting to repeat the experience as soon as we could. We recommend Mr. van Hout enormously because his exceptional talent and also his kind manner to express his unique knowledge drive to ideal results in the understanding of the global design.”
Gabriela Olivares – Director PassionTour Design, Santiago, Chile.