My name is Marco

I am Marcoa Designeran Educatora Speakera Change-agent


About me

Experienced creative lead and design professional, currently on a mission to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and along the way educate young talent and seasoned professionals in design, tech & social innovation to thrive in and obtain the right mindset for a truly sustainable future.

I CREATE, TEACH and SPEAK about transformation design, digital society, human(ity) centered design + how we can collaborate across cultures and borders in order to build a global innovation chain to finally tackle those global challenges from local perspectives.

I have co-founded the Digital Society School, the Design Across Cultures programme and the growing community of the Global Goals Jam, with the United Nations Development Programme: 90+ cities and close to 5000 design activists that use their creative skills for the benefit of the SDG’s and society. In this light I am also a Community Liaison for the World Design Organization, responsible for advocating life-long learning and promoting design for the SDG’s. I am also a proud advisory board member for DOT in Spain and visiting professor at IE University in Madrid.

In the past I have co-founded and headed a digital agency and strategic design consultancy and took seat in the board of the international Design & Emotion Society for over 10 years. I am happy to have worked with companies such as Unilever, P&G, Bic, Decathlon, KLM, Philips, Mars, ING, Pepsico and to have given crash courses and guest lectures at many universities/ organisations around the world.

Please contact me if you want to collaborate and partner up to design a better world.

What I do


An expert in how design can transform systems and tackle complex challenges


An expert in how products, services and systems can be designed for humans, with emotions


For every organisation that wants to understand how complex global challenges can be tackled from a local perspective, by design


For all organisations that want to learn about transformation, digital society, design for SDG's and emotional design

Some highlights

Young-Ill Kim

Former head of design Hyundai/Kia

I have known Mr.Van Hout for Several years and had opportunities to be together at numerous Design Conferences and listened his Speeches. He is a very Experienced professional Design expertise and able to point out Design specific Objectives in respecting of global social tendencies and to focus Specific Design Problems and able to suggest Solutions based on his Design Academic Experiences and knowledge with wide spectrums. I have arranged for Marco to be invited to a Design Conference a few years ago in korea, organized by SCCP,one of Samsung Electronics suppliers. Marco gave the audience a very impactful Impression. Therefore, I do recommend him without any hesitation!

Jennifer Schneider

Professor RIT, Director Eugene H. Fram Chair

It was an honor to host Professor and designer Marco van Hout at the Rochester Institute of Technology to lead our Fram Signature events in October 2018. Marco's unique blend of transformational thinking, engaging style and personal commitment will continue to inspire our campus community far beyond these events. As the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking, as a university professor deeply supportive of global sustainability & resilience, and as a citizen of our world, I applaud Professor van Hout for his efforts and look forward to more opportunities to learn from and collaborate with him.