I am Marco

Creative, Design and Learning Director.

Expert in Transformation, Design, Sustainability
and Educational/ Learning Innovation.

I believe in the power of community.
Co-founder of Digital Society School and Global Goals Jam.

I work on, talk about and organise:

Transformation (by design), of people, teams, organisations and communities.

Leading with my vision on design, transformation and innovation, I co-founded and direct the Digital Society School, advancing digital innovation, design and sustainability education. As a catalyst for global change through initiatives like the Global Goals Jam, aligning creative action with the SDGs.

As a global speaker, moderator, facilitator and educator, I facilitate transformative design and collaborative learning. My mission is to unite and inspire towards a global learning society, for a truly sustainable future.

Topics I can engage your audience with:

  • Transformation by Design

  • Adaptable Mindset

  • Becoming a learning organisation

  • Global communities of change

  • Design across cultures

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Design, Technology & Social Innovation

  • Learning design

What people say

Marco’s contribution to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) work to promote the Sustainable Development Goals was excellent. With his great confidence, we were able to work together for three years to bring people around the world closer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He never disappoints anyone although we work remotely and internationally. I find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.

- Hanna Omar (former UNDP, New York)

It was an honor to host Professor and designer Marco van Hout at the Rochester Institute of Technology to lead our Fram Signature events. Marco's unique blend of transformational thinking, engaging style and personal commitment will continue to inspire our campus community far beyond these events. As the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking, as a university professor deeply supportive of global sustainability & resilience, and as a citizen of our world, I applaud Professor van Hout for his efforts and look forward to more opportunities to learn from and collaborate with him.

- Jennifer Schneider (Professor and chair Rochester Institute of Technology, US)

Marco is an amazing consultant and trainer. Always looking for creative solutions and sources for projects and programs. I have known Marco for some years now and collaborated with him in very different environments, always finding with good team work leading to great results. It is a pleasure to work with Marco

- Jorge Rodriguez - DesignThinkers Spain and ELISAVA

I absolutely loved this class. I feel like after having so much design classes that were painfully repetitive, this one took it to a whole new level of experience and application of knowledge that I truly appreciate!"

"Marco is an outstanding professional and professor, a combination that sadly is uncommon."

"Such a great professor! Really enjoyed his class. His attitude and sincere niceness really created a positive ambiance. The material was interesting, well presented and well prepared!"

"I LOVED this class. The teacher was magnificent. He was enthusiastic, knowledgable, motivated and attentive. It is unfortunately this class can"t be longer, for I learned and benefited a lot from having it. He might have even inspired me to pursue a doctorate in psychology of design. BRILLIANT course, this is the type of caliber all of the professors should have!"

"We need professors as involved and engaged as Marco. Bless him!"

"Very fun and engaging class!!"

"Great teacher. Nice, helpful and engaging"

- various students at IE University